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booblay_icons's Journal

Michael Bublé Icons
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Booblay icons was created to satisfy the craving for Michael icons for fans all over the world.

Maintained by: digitaljazz

- Accepted icons are any of Michael and pictures of Michael & his family.
- You must post at least 3 icons each time you post
- No more than 3 teaser icons when posting
- No promoting other Bublé icon communities/journals
- Non-Michael icon posts will be deleted. Your post may contain other icons as long as there is some Bublé content
- Do not claim icons as your own
- Do not alter icons unless icon maker says you can
- No more than 2 posts to the journal everyday
- You may post other Michael graphics such as wallpapers, but make sure that they are under the cut
- If your icons contain anything of an explicit nature, please say so beforehand
- If you used anything linkware, make sure to link back
- Always state in your post how many icons there are (exsessive amounts cause trouble for dial-up users)
- If possible, state what the icon content is, e.g. "6 Michael, 4 Michael & O'shae" etc
- x-posting is encouraged
- No flaming/anti icons allowed. AT ALL

all images are links, hover over them to learn more.

my favourite links

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